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Creating Meaningful Outcomes
For Families and Individuals in Conflict 

We are dedicated to supporting you in a professional, ethical and timely manner. We assist families and corporations to achieve positive outcomes in a cost effective way that reflects the best interests of all parties involved.

Creating Meaningful Relationships with Dispute & Conflict Resolution


We provide a safe environment that enables both parties to feel comfortable in discussing important issues. We pride ourselves on being non-judgmental and completely confidential.


Court can be incredibly taxing for all involved including children where the final outcome is decided by a judge. Keep the decision making power in the hands of those that know your family best.


We support parties with the knowledge that ongoing conflict and disputes can negatively impact their lives.


We understand that separation can represent a difficult period of time in your life and should not be coupled with stress or long delays for service. We will attend to your situation swiftly and thoroughly.

Dan Sheptooh Mediator In Brisbane

Dan Sheptooha


Dan heads a team of experienced and nationally accredited mediators. Dan is a lawyer and provisional psychologist with a strong foundation of skills working as a family dispute resolution practitioner and mediator. His sensitivity and attunement to the needs of clients is matched by a desire to focus on supporting parties to arrive at outcomes that are flexible and workable.


At Meaningful Mediation, we specialise in a range of mediation and conflict resolution services, including family mediation in Sydney, divorce mediation in Sydney, divorce mediation in Brisbane, child mediation in Sydney and property mediation in Sydney. As conflict resolution specialists, we also resolve conflict between individuals in the workplace.

Our team of mediators are legally trained and vastly experienced in family law mediation and commercial disputes. Collectively, our team has conducted 400+ mediations and assisted hundreds of families and individuals to resolve disputes without having to go to court. So, regardless if you require family law mediation in Brisbane or mediation on the Central Coast, Meaningful Mediation is the team you can trust.

Dan has worked extensively in the field of dispute resolution, across numerous family relationship centres conducting family law mediations in Queensland and New South Wales. Dan has also taught mediation and dispute resolution at a tertiary level. Accordingly, as a lawyer and provisional psychologist with a special interest in child and adolescent mental health, Dan is well placed to assist parties in child mediation, property mediation, and parenting mediation in Sydney, divorce mediation in Sydney or family dispute resolution on the Central Coast. 

Whether you require parenting or property mediation in Brisbane or family law mediation in Brisbane or on the Central Coast, we mediate impartially and swiftly with a focus on resolution and supporting you to avoid the financial and emotional cost of court. 

If you have separated and require family mediation in Sydney or family mediation in Brisbane, call us on 0427 292 818 or contact us directly via our website. We look forward to receiving your call and working with you to achieve a meaningful outcome.