About Dan

About your mediator,
Dan Sheptooha

Dan has a strong foundation of skills as an experienced mediator and has worked with hundreds of individuals and families with a focus on responsive and respectful resolution.

He has a strong passion for skillfully supporting parties to avoid court intervention and begin to focus on life beyond their dispute. His sensitivity and attunement to the needs of individuals, corporations and families is matched by his strong desire to focus on creating an outcome that works.

Dan is a lawyer and provisional psychologist. He holds a Bachelor of Laws (Honours), a Bachelor of Behavioural Science, a Graduate and Postgraduate Diploma of Psychology, a Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice and is Nationally Accredited as a Mediator and Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner. He has extensive experience in the field of dispute of resolution across multiple industries.

A vocal point for Dan’s practice in mediation is strengthening relationships and creating clarity and purposeful action in reducing undue stress and resolving conflict. He assists clients with respect to co-parenting, property settlement, grand-parenting, complex issues related to aging, and elder law matters.

Dan Sheptooha - Conflict Resolution Specialist

Mediation Team

Dan also works closely with other mediators who will be carefully selected to suit the matter.