Mediation: The Right Approach To Workplace Conflict Resolution

Dealing with workplace conflict

In every organisation there are disagreements and differences of opinions which can escalate into unrepenting interpersonal conflict. If employees are unable to sort these disputes out themselves, it is imperative as a company to intervene and assist with workplace conflict resolution. 

What is workplace conflict resolution?

To get a better understanding let’s talk about the conflict resolution meaning. Conflict resolution is the process in which two or more parties engage in a dispute and reach an agreement by resolving it. Conflict between employees can have a damaging effect on an organisation. Using a mediator who is specially trained can help empower and guide employees to come to their own agreement. Mediation tackles conflict by addressing conflict in a positive and constructive manner.

Who should conduct workplace conflict resolution?

Firstly, mediation should be conducted by an independent person who is not involved in the dispute. A mediator should have previous training or specific mediation training. To be successful in the mediation process, it involves assessing the situation, the parties involved and having a good understanding of what needs to be achieved. This process requires a considerable amount of patience and strong communication skills. Therefore, it is a mediator’s responsibility to be impartial and assist in keeping communication open. 

Our team of experts at Meaningful Mediation are dedicated to guiding employees to positive outcomes. We are dedicated to refocusing our clients on the issue at hand and initiating a proactive resolution.

How conflict resolution in the workplace can help

If conflict is not dealt with properly it can damage morale, reduce productivity and can even lead to increased costs and legal issues for the organisation. On the other hand, healthy conflict can allow employees to learn from each other’s perspectives. 

Workplace mediation involves a voluntary and confidential discussion between parties involved in the dispute. The goal is for participants to resolve their issues through the mediation process. Workplace conflict resolution allows both parties to gain a better understanding of each other’s concerns and perspectives. 

Benefits of workplace conflict resolution

Conflict is an inevitable feature of any workplace however if handled in a constructive manner can result in better long-term team dynamics. Some key benefits of mediation in the workplace are:

  • It provides a safe and confidential platform for participants to address issues before matters escalate
  • The mediation process can be completed in a relatively short time frame in comparison to court proceedings.
  • It can provide a framework for maintaining co-working relationships
  • Participants are responsible for their own outcomes 
  • Unlike court, both parties can reach a resolution that is not imposed on them

Successful outcomes through workplace conflict resolution 

We understand that work disputes can be hard to overcome and can cause some serious damage. When considering mediation, it’s best to be open to the possibilities that it could bring. That’s why we ask our clients to come to our sessions with a willingness to resolve the dispute and encourage them to focus on life beyond the dispute.

To achieve successful mediation we believe it requires taking a different approach than in the courtroom. At Meaningful mediation, our team have completed a number of mediations and investigations in the workplace. We provide specialised negotiation strategies that are tailored to individual conflicts. This ensures we can facilitate constructive conversation on disagreements and disputes that need to be resolved. We are here to put the decision-making in your hands.

Conflict resolution approaches for the workplace

To assist workplace conflicts from escalating, strategies to resolve conflict in the workplace may include:

  • Understanding the situation: By investigating both sides, this can help to settle the conflict.
  • Acknowledging the issue: Acknowledging the issue at hand is an important step in resolving conflict.
  • Focusing on the issue at hand: In situations like this, it’s best to focus on identifying and resolving the conflict rather than the individual involved.
  • Communication: The ultimate goal in conflict resolution is for both parties to resolve the issue at hand. Therefore, expressing their viewpoints may help both individuals pinpoint the real issues causing the conflict.
  • Collaborating: This can only happen if both parties are assertive and cooperative.

In some cases, mediation may be necessary when disputes become complex. Our team understands the legislative requirements of employers when a dispute arises. So, if you’re dealing with workplace disputes in legal or financial firms, we can help.

Why choose Meaningful Mediation

We see conflict not only as inevitable but as an opportunity to foster better working relationships. In saying that, we believe that if dealt with properly, workplace conflict can be seen as an opportunity to enhance workplace culture and therefore increase productivity. 

Meaningful Mediation, provides mediators with extensive conflict resolution training who have completed many workplace mediations. In saying this, we help team members communicate in an effective way by using strategies to rebuild teams and resolve group conflict. 

Our experience in workplace conflict resolution

Our experience in litigation provides us with an extensive understanding of the complexities of workplace disputes. With a strong background in law and psychology we undertake a practical and sensitive approach to workplace investigations and mediations.

Our professional workplace mediators hold nationally accredited degrees and have been specifically trained in workplace mediation. At Meaningful Mediation we understand the impacts that conflict, harassment or witnessing such disputes has on workplace productivity. We recognise the value and effectively eliminate such disputes in a timely, respectful and ethical manner.

Workplace disputes in legal and financial firms

Unlike other dispute resolution professionals, Meaningful Mediation has experience working to resolve conflict in multiple industries. When it comes to disputes regarding legal or financial firms, we understand the toxic behaviours and workplace bullying that can be apparent in these industries. So, if you are facing issues while working in a legal or financial firm, we can help. Our team has extensive knowledge of legislative requirements for employers when such disputes arise.

What is our workplace dispute resolution process?

Have you been searching “conflict resolution procedures workplace”? If so, this is how our mediation process works. Once you have decided that meditation is the right option for you we will conduct an individual appointment with both parties. This will give our team a comprehensive understanding of the situation at hand. If we determine that meditation is appropriate and both parties have agreed on this, we can start the mediation process. 

This process will enable parties to discuss topics in a safe and secure environment. Depending on your situation we will mediate in a way that mitigates and resolves these issues. Once we have completed the mediation session, our team will provide a report to the organisation.

The report may include the following recommendations :

  • Dates and Times of Meaningful Mediation’s engagement with the organisation
  • Outcome of the mediation (without breaching confidentiality)
  • Tailored development of organisational values and goals
  • Healthier working relationships
  • Ways to improve work culture
  • Training and future workshop facilitation

Our team can help resolve workplace conflict in a cost effective way that reflects the best for all parties. There is no guarantee that mediation will resolve all conflicts. However, we can guarantee by using these conflict resolution steps you will feel satisfied knowing the situation was dealt in an effective and respectful manner.

Safe & supportive assistance

Above all we pride ourselves on being non-judgmental and completely confidential.  We are trained in providing a safe environment that enables both parties to feel comfortable in discussing important issues. We are here to help facilitate constructive conversations.

Is workplace conflict resolution expensive?

Workplace conflict resolution is often less time consuming and significantly less expensive than hiring a lawyer and proceeding to court. Using a trained mediator can prevent escalation of conflict, avoidance of emotion implications, and provide long-term benefits.  If you are looking for a mediator with extensive legal knowledge, we will attend to your situation swifty and thoroughly. 

Will I need a lawyer?

Typically, most mediation processes don’t require the parties to obtain any legal representation. Mediation is designed to help people work through conflicts without the costly services and emotional implications of legal proceedings. However, if your disputes are complex, our mediators understand the legislative requirements of the workplace that you may need to consider.

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